Sunday, November 8, 2009

110 Returns to KYC in style

Aaron Phillips's 110 #621 "Steal your Face" has returned to Kaneohe Yacht Club with a win in it's first Beer Can race. Starting after the J24's and before an SC27, two Solings, and 2 Melges 24s, Steal you Face crossed the Finish line about a minute ahead of the first Melges. Driven by Mark Walker with Aaron as crew the boat sailed well despite a few kinks in its first race back. Next up is Matt Darnells #732 which is near ready for paint and then Brett's 370 will go in the shop for a new deck and floor coring.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Distraction

Here's my other Boat, a Ross 780. This Boat is frekin' cool. Around the same speed as a J24 but 5'6" headroom (okay for me to camp at 6'5" tall). Lifting keel and rudder we can beach the boat and sail in about 3' of water. Big main (31'luff x 13' foot) and self tacking jib. I'm adding a spinnaker launcher and with the self tacker you don't have to take the pole down in a rush. Great for racing, fun for cruising.

Check out my thread on SA:

When I got her, there was damage to the keel trunk and the transom was J24ish (full seats and a thin transom. We cut out the transom, fixed the keel trunk, and painted her.

And a few more things

Scroll down, I updated the Picture of Kaneohe Bay taken last Friday.

The main reason the Donavan 20 took precedence over the 370 rebuild is twofold:

1) I'm learning a bunch from Jim. This guy has built AC boats, AC Masts, and designed for Far, Mull, and RP. Re-building 370 will be a peice of cake compared to what I was going to do.

2) I'be bought a new toy and draggin my feet on 370 will give me a chance to get it going.

Update 10/09

Hawaii Fleet has 1 Boat back in the water. 621 is painted, rigged, and a few new sails. 732 is still at the shop with the spinnaker launching box, tube, and new bulkheads going in in the next 2 weeks.

We have a Donavan 20 being built in the shop by Jim Donavan himself and as soon as it is out, 370 will go in for a complete rebuild including new core in the floor and a new built in place deck (no more Schock-a-like tupperware hull to deck joint.

See the Donavan 20 at:

I'll get some pics of 621 for you.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

View to a Kill

Ummmmmm!, delicious!


Getting Started

Yeah Right!

So many Boats, so little time!

Home Sweet Home


Welcome to the Blog for the Hawaii Fleet of International 110 Sailboat. Fleet 16 is at Kaneohe Yacht Club and was chartered in 1943. We are currently in the early phases of our 3rd (maybe 4th) ressurection with "breaks" from competition having been taken in the early 70's and again in the Mid 90's until this year. We have 4 boats to rebuild before we journey into the realm of growing our fleet by building new boats. Stay tuned as we keep you posted.